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Katrina is a woman who Ellie Bloom claims was a childhood playmate of hers and John-117.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

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Childhood[edit | edit source]

As a child, Katrina lived on Eridanus II. She would play with John and Ellie, building things out of junk and racing each other.[2] Some nights, they would go to the grass and stare at the stars. Eventually, Ellie had moved, but she and Katrina still managed to be friends. John (a flash clone of the real John) had grown ill and soon died, saddening young Katrina.[3]

Katrina left Eridanus II in 2528.[4]

Interview[edit | edit source]

Decades later, Ellie was interviewed by Benjamin Giraud, who told her that John had become the super soldier known as the Master Chief by the UNSC and the public. She then remarked, saying that she had to tell Katrina about this new revelation.[2]

Ellie told Katrina, but Katrina told her that John had died at age six, confusing Ellie. Benjamin eventually called Katrina to make sense of the information.[4]

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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