The Keep is a Covenant structure that acts as a Command Center for the Covenant Empire. It stands as a starting point for Covenant Leaders in Multiyplayer. The Keep is the successor of the Covenant Outpost and is also the Covenant equivalent of the UNSC's Station. It can be upgraded into a Covenant Citadel.


The Keep is in-between the upgrades of the Citadel and the Outpost, it is also the starting point for Covenant Leaders. The Keep possesses five building sites, and four turret slots. It can be upgraded into a Citadel for 400 Resources, and upgraded from an Outpost for 300 Resources. When the Keep is being created, a gravity beam is shown from above, this is possibly a ship in orbit sending down supplies via Gravity lift. The Keep provides more protection, comparing to the Outpost, but less than it's successor.


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