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“There's a soldier inside you Thomas... You need to see it”
— Colonel Mehaffey to Cadet Thomas Lasky

Colonel Kennedy Lynn Mehaffey[1] was a field-grade officer of the UNSC Marine Corps who served in the Insurrection and during the early days of the Human-Covenant war. She was a professor at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science.



During the Insurrection she served under Colonel Lasky, whom she greatly respected. Due to this respect she had for her superior officer, she believed that Colonel Lasky's children Cadmon Lasky and Thomas Lasky could be the next generation of truly inspirational and renowned officers in the UNSC.[2]

Battle of Circinius IVEdit

During the Battle of Circinius IV, Mehaffey supervised the evacuation of cadets from Corbulo to escape the invading Covenant forces, she told the young Cadet, Lasky and his friends to join with their squads immediately. She was killed by supercombined Needler fire while attempting to get Hastati Squad to safety.[3]


Colonel Mehaffey died during the Covenant's siege of Circinius IV. At the beginning of the battle she is seen coordinating the cadets into their respective squads. However after the Space Tether was destroyed she took up arms to defend the students, with ODSTs as back-up, but while she was distracted by cadets on the battlefield fleeing the onslaught, to which a member of the Covenant attack force shot her several times with a Needler and she fell to the ground where her body exploded due to the needles chain reaction. Colonel Mahaffey's death had a major impact on Lasky's mental state as she died right in front of him. He may have seen her as a mother figure, due him not having much contact with his real mother, Colonel Lasky.




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