Kevin Morales is a Spartan 1.1. His father, Morales, was a part of the SPARTAN-I program with James James, Jan's father.

Kevin met Jan at James James's funeral. Once he found out about Durga, and the fact that Jan was a Spartan 1.1 also, he offered Jan a space on his volunteer group of Spartan 1.1's who wanted to take the fight to the Covenant. However, the Covenant attacked Earth before Kevin's group of 1.1's could start their attack. It is unknown what happened to Kevin.[1]


  • Gilly claimed he managed to take control of a Pelican dropship at the age of 7, but Gladys interrupted claiming that he only got to the cockpit of a commercial shuttle at the age of 9.[2]
  • He was voiced by Jim Taggert.


  1. “
    Jan: You were at the funeral, you were the Morales kid...

    Jan: You have a ship...
    Morales: Enough to buy a 100 meter yacht. And trick it out with everything an ONI spyship has.
    Morales: There are 16 of us, walkaway girl. Sixteen 1.1's...
    Morales: Three aren't much use. Darin got into substances, Guy's in jail, and Frannie just doesn't give a damn. That leaves thirteen.
    Jan: So, how many have you got signed up for this ship of fools?
    Morales: 12...
    Morales: You have certain assets I can't afford to ignore.
    Jan: Like what? All I know is what my dad taught me. Probably the rest of you could wipe the floor with me.
    Morales: As a soldier? Nah... Gladys says you're the best of all of us. And I believe her...

    Morales: I want to go deep into Covenant space. I want to do it for a purpose, and I want to do it without being under Section III's thumb.

    --Axon Clips Chapter 12
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