Killtacular is a Halo 3 Achievement. It is awarded by getting a Killtacular in one of the Mythic maps in either a ranked or a social playlist.

It is worth 25 Gamerpoints.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The best gametype to get this achievement on is Infection, where one shot to the head kills the zombies. Playlist including Infection include: Living Dead Double EXP Weekends, Rumble Pit, and 7 on the 7th.
  • This is also easily done in Grifball in the gametype action sack on 'Grifbox' (Grifball map variant). Head over to the place where the other team spawns and keep killing them. This way you can also get the 'have fun respawning' achievement when someone arms the bomb while you are killing there.
  • It can be achieved in Team SWAT, and you can achieve the Have Fun Respawning achievement together with this. However, this takes a great deal of luck.

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