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Kilo-Five was an Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) special operations group.[1]

Service History[]

Kilo-Five was formed after the Human-Covenant war as a tool for disrupting the remaining threats to humanity.[1]

Their earliest goal was the arming of the Servants of the Abiding Truth in an attempt to destabilize the rising factions of Sanghelios. These actions ran against the UNSC's public support for the Swords of Sanghelios. The actions of Kilo-Five eventually led to an all out attack on Vadam Keep.[1]

The team would eventually go to Venezia to deal with the man named Staffan Sentzke. Kilo-Five learned that he planned to use the ship Pious Inquisitor against the UNSC. His grievance was centered around the perceived loss of daughter and Kilo-Five team member Naomi-010. Learning of his daughter's well being, an empathetic Kilo-Five faked his death with the destruction of the Pious Inquisitor. The situation was effectively diffused.[2]

Kilo-Five would continue disrupting the Sangheili as well as other classified operations.[3]






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