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Kilo 023 was a United Nations Space Command Pelican Dropship stationed on Earth. Kilo 23's pilot was Hocus. In 2552, the ship was operating out of the UNSC Base codenamed Crow's Nest in Kenya, but later relocated to the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn during the Battle of Earth.[2]

Operational History[]

Battle of Earth[]

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When John-117 returned to Earth, Kilo 023 was responsible for extracting him, Thel 'Vadam, and Sergeant Johnson from the jungle dam, A2. Hocus used the ship's heavy weapons loadout to destroy two Covenant Loyalist Phantoms in the process. Shortly after their return to Crow's Nest, the base was attacked by the Covenant. Kilo 023's escape with wounded soldiers was delayed by Jump Pack Brutes, until John-117 arrived to fight them off.

Battle of Installation 00[]

Main article: Battle of Installation 00

Kilo 023 was among the Pelicans aboard the Frigate UNSC Forward Unto Dawn when that ship traveled through a slipspace portal to Installation 00. Kilo 023, with Johnson, John-117 and several ODSTs aboard, successfully landed on the Ark. The ship served as backup while the Marines attempted to locate the Ark's Cartographer.

Once the Prophet of Truth was located, Kilo 023 joined the strike force of Pelicans and Separatist Phantoms sent to lower the Citadel's protective shield. Encountering Heavy AA near the shoreline, Kilo 023's wing man was shot down, killing its crew and taking Kilo 023's Warthog with it, though Kilo 23 itself landed safely, later assisting John-117 as he made his way to the last tower.

The status of Kilo 023 is unknown after the Battle of Installation 00. It is presumed to have returned to Earth aboard the Shadow of Intent along with the rest of the surviving Humans after John-117 recovered Cortana.