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The Icon for King of the Hill

The point of the game is simple, hold the hill for the longest time or to the time requirement. Depending on if the game has a moving hill, you may need to search for the hill periodically. The hill is either a square or circular holographic which is projected by an indestructible holographic projector which shows neatly the boundaries of the hill. This game type may be played as a FFA or Team based game.


A circular hill in a Halo 3 King of the Hill match (note that in the center is the holographic projector).

Included Variants[]


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  • Stay on the hill for a total of 2 minutes to win the game. Hill does not move in actual gameplay.

Team King[]

Main article: Team King
  • Your team must take the hill and control it uncontested for one minute to win. Hill does not move.

Phantom King[]

Main article: Phantom King
  • Control the hill uncontested to earn time. Everyone has active camo and the hill does not move. 1 minute wins.

Crazy King[]

Main article: Crazy King
  • The hill moves once a minute. Be the first to earn 2 minutes on it to take the crown.

Team Crazy King[]

Main article: Team Crazy King
  • Your team must earn just one minute uncontested on the moving hill to take the crown.

Mosh Pit[]

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  • In Halo: The Fall of Reach, Doctor Halsey comments that John-117 is playing 'King of the Hill' with some other children.
  • King of the Hill was one of the original multiplayer gametypes in Marathon.
  • Some people use King of the Hill for races.
  • In Halo: Reach, the hill can be placed on a vehicle.


  • A useful tactic during team games, is to have one person inside the hill scoring points, and the rest of the team fanning out and defending the hill and player in it.
  • Close Quarters weapons are usually the best weapons for holding the hill, as the close proximity to other players makes them desirable.
  • Due to the hills visual style it could be used as a form of camouflage to surprise opponents attacking or defending the hill.
  • Often players will throw a grenade into the hill in an attempt to clear out opposition before moving in. Hence, a player can accumulate a number of multiple kills if the opposition is standing too close to each other when the grenade explodes. Occasionally some servers may limit access to grenades to make this much more difficult.
  • When controlling the hill, a bubble shield tends to be very useful.

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