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Kinsano's Cyclops was a unique version of the HRUNTING Mark III (B) Exoskeleton, designed specifically for Morgan Kinsano.[1]


Kinsano's Cyclops is the hero unit for Morgan Kinsano. Unlike a normal cyclops, Kinsano's is equipped with duel flamethrowers which make it effective against infantry, as well as an energy shield. Kinsano's Cyclops can be upgraded with the Firewall Ability, which allows the cyclops to burn a large area in front of it to damage units overtime, as well as High Torque Joints, which increases movement speed. However, Kinsano's Cyclops cannot attack air units, requiring the assistance of Wolverines or other units to attack airborne targets.[1]

Kinsano's Cyclops has the Blast ability in Blitz mode, which goes along with the Hellcharge leader power. The High Torque Joints upgrade pays homage to the Cyclops in the original Halo Wars, in which this was its first upgrade.[1]


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