Kinsler was the Police Commissioner of the NMPD during 2552 and the main antagonist of Sadie's Story.[1]


During the first hours of the Battle of Earth, a COMM officer aboard the UNSC Tokyo Rules, having received a report of core data corruption, asked the Superintendent to put Kinsler on the line; the AI would not comply.[2]

During the Covenant invasion of the city, Kinsler rescued Sadie Endesha from an angry mob, but only because he wanted to rape her. When she resisted, he made several statements implying that he planned to kill her and get away with it; among other things, he noted that no one will miss one person during the invasion of the city, and that "strict privacy laws" allowed him to keep his car off the grid, so Vergil would not be able to find her. His driver, Mike Branley, intervened, physically attacking the commissioner and driving Sadie to a safe area.

Kinsler later returned to take revenge on Branley and Sadie, using a police-issue Pelican to corner the two. Right as he was about to execute Branley, Vergil saved them by ramming an Olifant into Kinsler's Pelican and emptying its contents on him. Once again, the two escaped. However, Kinsler later deactivated the Superintendent/Vergil.

Kinsler confronted the duo one last time, blackmailing Sadie into cooperating with him by holding her father hostage. When Sadie boarded Kinsler's private train, it was revealed that Kinsler had already murdered her father by releasing argon into his lab, suffocating and freezing him. A reactivated Vergil and Branley, however, were able to stir up an angry mob, who promptly freed Sadie and tore Kinsler apart.[1]




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