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Kit Pitlimp was an Unggoy who is present in Halo 5: Guardians. His travels are recorded in four pieces of Mission Intel.


Kit planned to investigate old Sangheili ruins to look for Forerunner secrets. He snuck into the ruins and found signs regarding the Forerunner Guardian.

Kit was present at Sunaion during the Battle of Sunaion and was transported to Genesis as the Guardian awoke. He believed that he had gone on the Great Journey and that he would become a god. However he encountered an unknown creature and was killed by it.


Kit described himself as an explorer wanting to discover Forerunner secrets. He figured out how the Guardian was connected to places all across the galaxy, and believed that the Guardian was the road to the Great Journey.

Intel Locations[]

  1. The fourth piece of Intel (and the Light of Urs fuel rod gun) can be found next to Kit's corpse.