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Kwassass was an Unggoy stationed on the CSO-class supercarrier Sublime Transcendence in the 9th Age of Reclamation, equivalent to the human year 2552.


Service within the Covenant[]

During his early life on Balaho, he developed a fear and hatred of the cold, as he saw many friends and family freeze to death. He was in charge of the maintenance on Subdeck K,[1] and had received training in the interpretation of human speech.

Subsequent to the Battle of Reach, the Sublime Transcendence extracted mining equipment from Reach after the Covenant tried to excavate CASTLE Base. The equipment was then placed on Subdeck K and it became Kwassass' responsibility to repair and refit it.[1]

Great Schism[]

Several months later, as the ship was over Joyous Exultation with the rest of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose, Kwassass went searching for rumored pods of benzene amongst a bunch of equipment being studied by Huragoks and discovered a NOVA Bomb. The control panel for it became detached, but Kwassass managed to activate a recording of a threat from Admiral Whitcomb without any harm to the vessel or the Fleet. After listening to it several times, he had a vague understanding of what it meant, though he did not comprehend the message fully. However, the control panel's power went out, sparking an interest in the nearby Huragoks to fix it and give it power.

Kwassass was the only individual near the NOVA bomb to recognize the threat and tried to remove the panel to deactivate the bomb again, but was unable to get past the Huragoks that had clustered around it before the bomb detonated. This destroyed the Sublime Transcendence, along with Joyous Exultation, its moon Malhiem, and nearly every ship in the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose.[2]


  • He often traded captured Human tapes with other members of the crew.[1]
  • He has one of the longest names observed.



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