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Labyrinth is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.


Labyrinth is a large 2v2 map in Halo Wars. It looks like a huge square, with building sites situated at regular intervals in the map. Large Forerunner walls also take up parts of this map. The areas of building sites slightly resembles a grid, with sites in some squares. The picture shown on the right is the centre bridge of the map, where most battles are fought.

A very unique feature of this map are Forerunner Protector Sentinels, which can be purchased by players and attached to squads. There are three unique variants, which can attack enemies, heal units and project protective shields. The map also features several Forerunner Forts, which take the place of Rebel Bases. These bases are protected by powerful Sentinels, Super Sentinels, and Laser Turrets. The fact that the Sentinels are flying units, means that these bases are a bit more difficult to assault early on. You want to build up strong defenses on all sides because your enemy will flank you.[1]


  • It is advisable to pick up some Protector units if you are traveling the side route to attack your enemy.
  • The two Forerunner bases nearest to the middle have limited access to ground forces; it is recommended that you take one or both of these bases if you choose to do so.
  • The large path in the middle often turns into a choke point; make sure you are the one controlling it.
  • If you are not scouting first, then try to take the base to the left or right of your starting base.
  • It is advisable to try and have at least 1 unit at the sentinel factories.
  • If playing as the UNSC, buy protector units and attach them to Spartans and vehicles, then have the Spartans drive the vehicles. This way you can have up to three very powerful vehicles with two protector types helping them.
  • It is also entirely possible to have a pair of Scarabs with energy shielding- a nightmare for all involved.


  • A Forerunner structure that emits energy beams similar to the ones found on Installation 04 can be found in the corner of this map.
  • The Protector units also can be found protecting the Prophet of Regret, if he is the player's chosen leader and the upgrade "Ancestral Perversion" is researched.
  • The Prophet of Regret can be given any type of protector from either factory, but when the upgrade "Ancestral Perversion" is researched, the purchased protector will replace one of his Offensive Protectors that he gets from the upgrade, so it is advised to give the Prophet either a Healing or Shield Protector.
  • Any purchased protector cannot be equipped to the Prophet of Regret after the "Ancestral Perversion" upgrade is researched.