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This article is about the freighter named Laden. For the Laden-class freighter, see [[Laden-class freighter]].

The Laden (Registry: F-0980W)[2] was a Parabola-class freighter, associated with the Eridanus Rebels.[1]

Operational History[]

The independent freighter Laden was a simple freighter with routes in the outer colonies and was captained by a man thought to have been killed during Operation: TREBUCHET.[1]

In 2525, several SPARTAN-IIs boarded the Laden at the Eridanus II docks. The ship was carrying water, flour, milk, frozen orange juice, welding rods, superconducting magnets for a fusion reactor, Sweet William Cigars, Procyon vintage champagne, New York steaks, and Swiss cheese to Eridanus secundus. The SPARTANs later fulfilled their mission to capture Colonel Robert Watts the leader of the Eridanus Rebels after the Laden inadvertently ferried them there.[3]


The ship had large water tanks. One of which was made of stainless steel. It also had a number of hydroponics pods that grew crops.[2]





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