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According to the E3 2000 demo, Laine was serving on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552, which crash-landed on Halo. There, he and the rest of his squad were to infiltrate a Covenant held bunker. Wang, Sergeant Marcus P. Stacker, and Laine headed toward the bunker on foot, as Geoff, Segur, and McLees went by Warthog, with McLees on the gunner.

When Geoff's squad began to attack the Covenant guarding the entrance with the Warthog, Laine and his squad reinforced them by attacking on foot. They managed to destroy a Wraith and several other elites but lost Segur in the process. Afterwards, Geoff and Mclee were assigned to guard the entrance while Stacker's team, including Wang and Laine, entered the interior of the bunker. The team was then ambushed by Elites as Wang was stabbed by an Elite from behind. The two then attempted to escape topside but Laine was shot dead on a stairwell while covering his Sergeant's retreat. His body fell to the bottom floor.