The Laser Spree medal is a multiplayer medal in Halo: Reach awarded when a player gets five kills with a Spartan Laser without dying, it is represented as a Killing Spree medal combined with the Laser Kill medal. This medal, along with the subsequent 10 and 15 laser killing spree medals are exceedingly difficult to achieve in multiplayer matchmaking as the spartan laser itself in Halo: Reach is only capable of discharging four shots before running out of energy. This requires the player to achieve at least one double/triple kill with a laser shot while not missing any other laser shots in one life. If the player is extremely skilled, however, they can use respawning ordinance pods (On maps that can not drop them, such as Corvette or Glacier) in Firefight matchmaking to gain more Spartan Lasers and can get only one kill with each shot, and still get the medal. One could also destroy vehicles with more people in them to easily get the medal.