Lat 'Ravamee was a Sangheili Shipmaster who commanded Truth and Reconciliation.[2]


Prior to the Summer of 2552, was promoted from the Zealot order directly by the Prophet of Regret. He was granted the rank of Shipmaster and command over Truth and Reconciliation. He would go on to command it at the Fall of Reach.[3]

Lat and the crew of the ship were among the first to track and follow UNSC Pillar of Autumn to Installation 04. He then prepared Truth and Reconciliation to act as a staging ground for the Fleet of Particular Justice.[3] Lat was later killed in the bridge of the Truth during a daring rescue attempt by John-117 and several Marines.[1]


Lat 'Ravamee was a fanatical follower of the Covenant religion, prepared to sacrifice anyone and anything for the "Great Journey". He felt he was vindicated in this goal once he arrived at Installation 04.[3]





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