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Leonidas was a smart artificial intelligence construct.


Leonidas was created around 2553. Put on command of the space station creating SPARTAN-IV, during The Reclamation, he joined the Created and Cortana. He put on stasis the facility's commander, Jun-A266, pretending he was still on command, but he cannot convince Alpha-Nine team, which rebelled. Leonidas threatened to vent all station, killin everybody onboard it, but Edward Buck instead retook the facility and destroyed Leonidas' control chip. However, a portion of it survived into Alpha-Nine's tablet, tarcking them to a Insurrectionist bastion on Cassidy III, attracting there a Guardian. He negotiated his transfer to the Guardian, but after delivering it, Kojo Agu shoot it, and he was destroyed.[2]


Leonidas' avatar was, very appropiately, a Spartan's helmet, translucent and tinted red.[3]



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