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Lepidus was a Brute Shipmaster of the CCS-class Battlecruiser Triumphant Declaration in the Fleet of Furious Redemption.


Battle of Cleveland[]

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Lepidus was the first Covenant to hear of the Key of Osanalan. He then informed the High Prophet of Truth of the Key, which sparked the Battle of Cleveland. He was then seen reporting to the High Prophet of Truth aboard the Forerunner dreadnought, where John-117 attempted to assassinate Truth.

Truth escaped, as did Lepidus, but every Covenant unit who stayed in the room was killed by John-117. Lepidus was later seen aboard the Triumphant Declaration in the orbit of Mars, furious at Colonel James Ackerson for tricking the Covenant into believing in the Key of Osanalan and beheaded Ackerson with his Jiralhanae Combat Knife.[1]


  • Lepidus' armor looks like the original Brute Captain's armor, cut from Halo 3. This is likely due to the fact that the first issue of Halo: Uprising was released before Halo 3.
  • Lepidus was also the name of a Roman politician and General who, along with Octavian (later known as Emperor Augustus) and Marcus Antonious (Marc Antony) formed the Second Triumvirate, which governed the Roman Republic from 43-33 BCE



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