“We just keep trying.”
— William Hammill, Founder & CEO of Lethbridge Industrial.
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Lethbridge Industrial is a human corporation who manufactures armor and armor abilities for the UNSC. It's based in Lethbridge, Corsica, Concord. Some of their technology, including armor and armor abilities, were made for the UNSC for the SPARTAN-IV program.

About UsEdit

Lethbridge Industrial logo

Lethbridge Industrial logo on Nova Austin Space Tether.

"We create interactive, modern, eye-catching death machines. We help supply you with the robotic super suits your business demands, and by creating a customized intergalactic warrior outfit which best suits your needs and target audience. We're passionate about helping businesses improve their kill death ratio and therefore generate more kills and less deaths than any other company in the area."[1]


During the UNSC Spirit of Fire's deployment to Arcadia in 2531, Serina "found" Lethbridge design files related to the HRUNTING Mark III.[2]

On October 20, 2552 during the Battle of Mombasa, Marines of the 405th Marine Infantry Division took cover from Scarabs in a Lethbridge Industrial building.[3]

After the Human-Covenant war, Lethbridge Industrial was a primary contractor in the construction of the Nova Austin Station.[4] In and around The Reclamation, the Created attacked and seized Auriga Station from Lethbridge.[5]


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  • This company, Lethbridge Industrial is a reference to Dan Hammill, a Monitor on the Halo Waypoint forums and founder of Ready Up Live, and Jeff Wood, who is a staff member of the afore-mentioned community. Both Hammill and Wood live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Ready Up Live have created a fan-spoof website about the company.


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