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Liberty Street, a district of Sector 0-5, was a section of Old Mombasa on planet Earth.[1] It stretched along the coast of the city, leading as far up to the main bridge into New Mombasa.[2] The area consisted mainly of dilapidated low-rise buildings, housing projects, and small businesses.[1][2][3]


In 2552, the entire area was the center of heavy fighting between the UNSC and the Covenant during the Battle of Mombasa in the Battle of Earth.[1]

Forces from the UNSC In Amber Clad were dispatched to the area, including John-117. They were able to retake the area from the Covenant invaders. Covenant forces quickly captured the area deploying Scarabs throughout the city. John-117 followed one all the way along the New Mombasa 105 East.[1]

H2 mp turf2

A downed Scarab in Liberty Street.

Another Scarab was downed by a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon blast from the UNSC Brasidas in the territory. UNSC Marines then moved in to capture it.[2][4]

Even after the High Prophet of Regret initiated a Slipspace jump over New Mombasa, Liberty Street proved to have excellent ambush points, once the Covenant took control of the planet.[3]



The Unified Earth Government operated the Section 0-5 Storage Facility in Liberty Street.[5]


There are numerous businesses located on Liberty Street. They include: