The Light capital warship is the smallest warship classification in the UNSC, and the Covenant.

This class is the most common warship in both fleets. The UNSC light warships include the corvette, UNSC frigate/light frigate, stealth cruiser, and UNSC destroyer, while the Covenant's light warships include the Covenant frigate, the SDV-class heavy corvette and the Covenant destroyer. Also, several Covenant cruisers (CRS-class light cruiser, Covenant cruiser, and CAR-class frigate) are very small compared to other Covenant ships, but they're not classified as light warships.

Some of the light Covenant vessels are smaller than their UNSC counterparts, but can still vaporize dozens of ships, despite their size.

UNSC[edit | edit source]

Covenant[edit | edit source]

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