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Jerome must destroy The Banished's portal network controls and cripple Atriox's transport capabilities across the Ark.

Lights Out is the sixth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


While using the Cartographer's map room, Anders discovers that the Ark's network of portals has been hacked by Atriox, and he is utilizing them to teleport large portions of his army all around the Ark. She also learns that all the Banished's hacking devices are running off of a single control node that is acting as a router. Knowing this, the UNSC plan their next mission; neutralize all local portals from The Banished, and destroy the control node to separate Atriox's forces all across the Ark and draw out Decimus.

Jerome-092 and Douglas-042 set up a HQ near the portals and take control of them one by one, freeing captured UNSC units and avoiding orbital strikes from The Enduring Conviction along the way. As the UNSC make their way to the control node and attempt to destroy it, Decimus makes a surprise attack. After a long fight between the two forces, many human lives are lost, but Jerome and Douglas manage to kill Decimus. This is a victory on the ground, however, once Decimus is defeated, Shipmaster Let 'Volir launches an air assault on The Spirit of Fire with The Enduring Conviction.


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Icon Name Description Value
Hw2 AchievementArt AllTravelIsSuspended All travel is suspended Completed Lights Out 10G