Likely to List is a Huragok that was under the care of the UNSC as of October 2558. He was stationed in a complex within the Daedalus crater on Luna along with Vergil, in the body of Quick to Adjust, and three other Huragok. After the station had been damaged by a Guardian, Likely to List and the other Huragok hid within the station and were repairing the complex as much as they could.[1] Spartans Edward Buck and Kojo "Romeo" Agu would arrive to the station to retrieve Quick to Adjust and Sadie Endesha for a mission for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Buck and Romeo would first run into Likely to List, who would briefly guide the team to Vergil's location.[2] Likely to List would remain behind with the other Huragok and continue to repair the station once Vergil and Sadie had been rescued from the Daedalus complex.[3]



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