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Linglin was a Covenant Unggoy, and was not particularly intelligent. He followed the Unggoy saying, "When in doubt, shoot." In the 9th Age of Reclamation, he was stationed on Installation 04 as an infantry unit of the Fleet of Particular Justice.


During Zuka 'Zamamee and Yayap's first attempt to kill John-117, he was under the command of Yayap. As 'Zamamee sent two Hunters to surprise John near the security center of the Silent Cartographer, Linglin ran in and fired an overcharged bolt from his Plasma Pistol in the general direction of John. It was a stupid thing to do, since there was no clear shot. The bolt struck one of the Hunters in the back, killing it, which then made the Hunter fall over and crash into his bond brother, leaving one injured Hunter for John-117 to deal with.[1]


Because of his mistake, John was able to overcome the lone Hunter. Linglin was shot and decapitated by John as he tried to run away, terrified at the outcome of his actions. 'Zamamee and Yayap, however, survived the catastrophic event.[2]


  • The name is very likely a reference to "Ling ling," a dog whose head is needed by Bungie in their quest to rule the world - an ongoing joke of theirs. Linglin's decapitation is also likely a Ling-Ling reference.



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