Halo 4 Achievements

The original achievements, as shown on Halo Waypoint.

There are a total of 49 original achievements in Halo 4, which are worth a total of 1,000 Gamerpoints,[1] and an extra 37 DLC achievements worth 1,000 more Gamerpoints.[2][3][4][5]

Campaign AchievementsEdit

Image Name Description Value
H4Achievement01 Dawn Complete Mission 1 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement02 Requiem Complete Mission 2 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement03 Forerunner Complete Mission 3 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement04 Infinity Complete Mission 4 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement05 Reclaimer Complete Mission 5 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement06 Shutdown Complete Mission 6 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement07 Composer Complete Mission 7 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement08 Midnight Complete Mission 8 on any difficulty. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement09 Wake up John Complete the Campaign on Normal or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement10 I Need a Hero Complete the Campaign on Heroic or harder. 40 Gamerscore
H4Achievement11 The Legend of 117 Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty. 70 Gamerscore
H4Achievement12 Lone Wolf Legend Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty. 90 Gamerscore
H4Achievement13 Skullduggery Complete any Campaign mission with 3 or more Skulls on Heroic or harder. 15 Gamerscore
H4Achievement14 Bropocalypse Complete any Campaign mission co-operatively on Heroic or harder. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement15 Bromageddon Complete the Campaign co-operatively on Heroic or harder. 40 Gamerscore
H4Achievement16 Contact the Domain Find a Terminal in the Campaign. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement17 Terminus Find all of the Terminals in the Campaign. 50 Gamerscore
H4Achievement18 Digging up the Past In Mission 1, find and access Chief's record. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement19 Midnight Launch In Mission 2, get significant air in the Warthog at midnight. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement20 This is my Rifle, this is my Gun In Mission 3, carry a UNSC weapon all the way through on Heroic or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement21 Bros to the Close Make it through Mission 4 without one preventable Marine death on Heroic or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement22 Mortardom In Mission 5, hijack a Wraith and use it to kill at least four enemy Wraiths on Heroic or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement23 Explore the Floor In Mission 6, trick or force a Hunter to fall to his demise. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement24 Give Him the Stick In Mission 7 in solo Campaign, take out both Hunters using only the Sticky Detonator. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement25 Chief, Smash! In Mission 8, kill 3 Crawlers in one hit with the Gravity Hammer. 20 Gamerscore

Multiplayer AchievementsEdit

Image Name Description Value
H4Achievement26 Not Some Recruit Anymore Rank up your Spartan-IV to SR-5. 15 Gamerscore
H4Achievement27 Movin' on Up Rank up your Spartan-IV to SR-20. 30 Gamerscore
H4Achievement28 I <3 Red vs Blue Win 5 War Games matchmaking matches. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement30 Operation Completion Complete a Spartan Ops Mission on any difficulty. 15 Gamerscore
H4Achievement31 A Legendary Episode Complete all chapters in Spartan Ops Episode 1 on Legendary difficulty. 40 Gamerscore
H4Achievement32 Dedicated to Crimson Complete all chapters in the first 5 episodes of Spartan Ops on any difficulty 80 Gamerscore
H4Achievement33 Crimson Alone Complete a Spartan Ops chapter solo on Legendary. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement34 Roses vs Violets Find one of the RvB Easter Eggs in Spartan Ops. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement35 No One Left Behind Save at least one Marine in Chapter 3 of Episode 2 of Spartan Ops on Heroic or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement36 Knight in White Assassination Assassinate a Knight in any Spartan Ops mission. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement37 What Power Outage? Complete Chapter 4, Episode 5 of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement38 No Easy Way Out In Ch 1, Ep 5 of Spartan Ops survive all enemy waves during the defense on Normal or harder. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement39 The Challenged Complete a Challenge. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement40 The Challenger Complete 25 Challenges. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement41 Armorer Change your Spartan's armor in the Spartan Armor card. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement42 Badge Change your Emblem in the Spartan ID card. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement43 PWND Change your Service Tag in the Spartan ID card. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement44 What a Poser! Change your Spartan's pose in the Spartan ID card. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement45 The Cartographer Create and save a Custom Map in Forge. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement46 Game Changer Create and save a Custom Game type in War Games. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement47 Snapshot! Save a Screenshot from the Theater. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement48 The Director Save a Film Clip from the Theater. 5 Gamerscore
H4Achievement49 Sharing is Caring Upload a File to your File Share. 5 Gamerscore

Downloadable ContentEdit

Image Name Description Value
Crimson map pack
H4Achievement51 Now They Fly? Get a kill while airborne in a Warthog. 50 Gamerscore
H4Achievement52 Size Is Everything Kill 20 enemies with a detached Machine Gun Turret. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement53 ODST Kill a player while you're airborne from using a Man Cannon. 30 Gamerscore
H4Achievement55 Bigfoot Kill 20 enemies using the Mantis' stomp attack. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement56 David and Goliath Board an enemy Mantis. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement58 Clay Pigeon Shoot an enemy out of the air while they use the Man Cannon. 40 Gamerscore
H4Achievement59 Special Delivery Kill an enemy with a melee attack when landing from a Man Cannon. 30 Gamerscore
H4Achievement60 Pump Yer Brakes Score the killing blow on a Mantis. 40 Gamerscore
Majestic map pack
H4Achievement61 Callin' in the Big Guns In Majestic DLC matchmaking, call in 3 ordnance drops during the same game. 40 Gamerscore
H4Achievement62 I Thrust at Thee In Majestic DLC matchmaking, perform a melee kill right after using Thrust Pack. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement63 Didn't See It Comin' In Majestic DLC matchmaking, assassinate an enemy who's in zoom mode. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement64 Bird of Prey In Majestic DLC matchmaking, perform 5 'airsassinations'. 50 Gamerscore
H4Achievement65 Bullet Sponge In Majestic DLC matchmaking, get the 'Close Call' medal twice during one match. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement66 I See You! In Majestic DLC matchmaking, kill 5 enemies while Promethean Vision is active. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement67 Clever Girl In Majestic DLC matchmaking, kill 5 enemies while Active Camo is active. 10 Gamerscore
H4Achievement68 Flash of Light In Majestic DLC matchmaking, get a Double Kill or higher with one Pulse Grenade. 20 Gamerscore
H4Achievement69 Last Man Grinning In Majestic DLC matchmaking, get 4 kills using the SAW without dying. 30 Gamerscore
H4Achievement70 Pigs Can Fly In Majestic DLC matchmaking, kill 3 enemies while they are using Jet Packs. 20 Gamerscore
Castle map pack
Dlc3 01 What is Yours is Also Mine In Castle DLC Matchmaking, disable a vehicle and then hijack it. 40 Gamerscore
Dlc3 02 Dodge This! In Castle DLC Matchmaking, get two direct Spartan Laser kills in one match. 20 Gamerscore
Dlc3 03 Hello Nurse! In Castle DLC Matchmaking, heal a near-death teammate with Regen Field 5 times. 30 Gamerscore
Dlc3 04 That Won't Save You In Castle DLC Matchmaking, assassinate an enemy who is using a Hardlight Shield. 30 Gamerscore
Dlc3 05 Ashes to Ashes In Castle DLC Matchmaking, disintegrate 6 enemies using Forerunner weapons. 10 Gamerscore
Dlc3 07 Beating up the Beat In Castle DLC Matchmaking, perform 5 melee kills in a single match. 30 Gamerscore
Dlc3 08 Sight Seeing In Castle DLC Matchmaking, complete a match in any mode for each Castle map. 20 Gamerscore
Dlc3 09 Scrapyard In Castle DLC Matchmaking, destroy 2 vehicles during a single game. 30 Gamerscore
Dlc3 010 Outta My Way! In Castle DLC Matchmaking, kill 5 enemies during a match by running them over. 30 Gamerscore
Champions Bundle
H4 Shocking Shocking In Bullseye DLC matchmaking, activate both electrical surge systems during a match on Vertigo 10 Gamerscore
H4 Got It Got It! In Bullseye DLC matchmaking, acquire the Rocket Launcher at the start of a match on Pitfall. 20 Gamerscore
H4 Protect This House Protect This House In matchmaking, assassinate the ball carrier within five meters of your own goal in Ricochet. 30 Gamerscore
H4 Hat Trick Hat Trick In matchmaking, score three times in one round of Ricochet. 33 Gamerscore
H4 From Downtown From Downtown In matchmaking, score by throwing the ball from 30 meters in Ricochet. 25 Gamerscore
H4 Cant Catch Me Can't Catch Me In matchmaking, score a goal in Ricochet while taking damage with the Resistor active. 20 Gamerscore
H4 Just a Scratch Just A Scratch In matchmaking, recover full shields from low health with both Resistor and Recharge active. 20 Gamerscore
H4 Pitchin a Tent Pitchin' A Tent In matchmaking, effectively camp one location without dying for a full 60 seconds. 40 Gamerscore
H4 One Man Army One Man Army In matchmaking, get four consecutive kills with the Rocket Launcher without dying. 27 Gamerscore
H4 Repeat Survivor Repeat Survivor In matchmaking, survive three vehicle explosions in a row with the Survivor package. 25 Gamerscore


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