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This is a list of cinematic cutscenes in Halo: Reach. Courtesy of Cody Miller, these cutscenes are available for download in 1280x720p High Definition and H.264, and have been re-encoded in Standard Definition as well. Both are offered in WMV and MOV flavors. Special thanks to Cody Miller for the contribution. For the sake of bandwidth, the files are being doled out slowly and are being distributed via a load balancing script between the 4 hosting locations. You can find these downloads here, at HBO.

Cutscene Title Duration Video link
Noble Briefing
Noble Actual 3:37 [1]
Winter Contingency
Winter Contingency - Intro 1:01 [2]
Reach "The Battle Begins"-Elite
Winter Contingency - Comms Relay Scene 1:32 [3]
Winter Contingency - Final 2:12 [4]
ONI: Sword Base - Intro 1:37

ONI: Sword Base - Final

Nightfall - Intro 1:36
Nightfall - Final 49 Seconds
UNSC Attack
Tip of the Spear - Intro 1:46
Tip of the Spear - Falcon Crashed 36 Seconds
Tip of the Spear - Final 1:17
Noble Plan
Long Night of Solace - Intro 3:25
Halo- Reach - Saber Launching
Long Night of Solace - Operation: UPPER CUT 1:40
HaloReach - Uppercut Slipspace Drive
Long Night of Solace - Anchor 9 2:11
Long Night of Solace - And the Horse You Flew in On 22 Seconds
Long Night of Solace - Bomb Arrival 46 Seconds
Long Night of Solace destroyed
Long Night of Solace - Final 2:27
Noble Six City
Exodus - Intro 2:03
Transports Away
Exodus - Final 1:04
New Alexandria - Intro 1:34
HaloReach - KatFallen01
New Alexandria - Final 4:19
HaloReach - Package Intro
The Package - Intro 55 Seconds
The Package - This Cave is Not a Natural Formation 4:02
Catherine Halsey Getting Cortana in Halo - Reach
The Package - Final 3:36
Halo Reach - A Spartan Will Rise-2
The Pillar of Autumn - Intro 1:28
Carter Pelican
The Pillar of Autumn - Scarab 40 Seconds
Reach 947096 Medium

The Pillar of Autumn - Keyes

HaloReach - PoA
The Pillar of Autumn - Final + Credits 8:25
Lone Wolf - Intro 36 Seconds
Lone Wolf - Final + Epilogue 1:58

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