Troughout the Halo game there are a number of cinematic movie clips that merge one scene from the next. This cutscenes mainly create smooth transitions from level to level. Here the player doesn't control the character but watches as in a movie.

UPDATE: As of March, 2008, through a collaborative effort involving HaLo2FrEeEk of Clan Infectionist, and Louis Wu of HBO, these cutscenes are available for download in 720p High Definition, and have been re-encoded in Standard Definition as well. Both are offered in WMV and MOV flavors. Thanks to HaLo2FrEeEk for recording, editing and hosting these files, thanks to Louis Wu for hosting mirrors and covering the news part of the releases, and thanks to Wraith Ops for hosting mirrors. For the sake of bandwidth, the files are being doled out slowly and are being distributed via a load balancing script between the 4 hosting locations. You can find these downloads here, at HBO.

Cutscene Title Seconds Video link
One Size Fits All One Size Fits All 3:09 Youtube
Home Field Advantage Home Field Advantage 3:36 Youtube
Return to Sender Return to Sender 2:54 Youtube
They'll Regret That Too They'll Regret That Too 1:13 Youtube
Ladies Like Superior Firepower Ladies Like Armor Plating 1:07 Youtube
Field Expedient Field Experiment 1:22 Youtube
A Whisper in the Storm A Whisper in the Storm 5:42 Youtube
Juggernaut th Juggernaut 0:24 Youtube
Hey Watch this Hey, Watch this! 0:29 Youtube
Hot pursuit Hot Pursuit 0:20 Youtube
Dead or Alive Actually Just Dead Dead or Alive...Actually, Just Dead 0:11 Youtube
The Oracle The Oracle 1:09 Youtube
Edification Edification 0:33 Youtube
Helljumpers Helljumpers 2:31 Youtube
Testament Testament 0:49 Youtube
One Way Ticket One Way Ticket 0:23 Youtube
Middle of something Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something? 0:49 Youtube
Uncomfortable Silence Uncomfortable Silence 3:41 Youtube
Objects in mirror Objects in Mirror are Larger than they Appear 0:29 Youtube
Shooting Gallery Shooting Gallery 0:59 Youtube
That Old Familiar Feeling That Old, Familiar Feeling 2:21 Youtube
Inside Job Inside Job 4:38 Youtube
The Hopes Dreams of the Covenant The Hopes & Dreams of the Covenant 0:54 Youtube
Oh So That's How it is Oh, So That's How it is 0:31 Youtube
Fight Club Fight Club 0:56 Youtube
Cross Purposes Cross Purposes 1:14 Youtube
Once Again With Feeling Once Again, With Feeling 0:40 Youtube
Your Ass My Size 24 Hoof Your Ass, My Size 24 Hoof 0:26 Youtube
Backseat driver Backseat Driver 0:24 Youtube
MirrandaBruteMan Delusions and Grandeur 2:02 Youtube
Final Sequence Final Sequence 2:15 Youtube
Credits Credits 6:36 HBO
PostCreditsTeaser Post-Credits Teaser 0:48 Youtube
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