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This article is a project to list down the colloquialisms used by the people of the 26th century.


Name Meaning
Ape Military slang for Jiralhanae[1]
Baby Kong Military slang for Jiralhanae
Bravo Kilo Phoenetic variation of "Baby Kong."
Bugger Military slang for Yanme'e
Charlie Foxtrot Phoenetic slang for "Cluster Fuck"[2]
Echo Tango Phoenetic slang for "extraterrestrial"
Gator Military slang for Sangheili[1]
Ghost battalion Military slang for the militaries of colonies no longer in existence.
Innie An Insurrectionist.
Mike Foxtrot Phoenetic slang for "Mother Fucker"[3]
Oscar Mike Phonetic slang for "On the Move"[3]
Pop Quiz A 26th Century successor to the Polygraph test.
Slut bot An AI program run by the pornography industry.[4]
Split Lip Military slang for Sangheili
Spook Members of the Office of Naval Intelligence
Swabbie Marine slang for Naval servicement.


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