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Were you looking for Lister, the UNSC city on Ganymede?

Master Sergeant Lister was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper of the UNSC Marine Corps. He was a high-ranking non-commissioned officer assigned to First Lieutenant Melissa McKay's unit aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. When the vessel was shot down above Installation 04, he "helljumped" to the surface along with the rest of the ODSTs.[1]

Due to the shortage of officers in the surviving units, Lister was chosen to be the leader of Second Platoon, replacing Second Lieutenant Dalu, who had been reassigned as the supply officer of Alpha Base.[2] He was every bit as in charge as the other officers of the company, such as Second Lieutenant Oros.

He headed a column of four Scorpion tanks during the supply convoy from the Autumn to Alpha Base. He later assisted in the defense of the base from the infiltration of Zuka 'Zamamee's group of Special Operations Sangheili aboard Charlie 217.

When the Flood attacked, he stood too close to a Carrier Form and was "knocked on his can" by the explosion, according to McKay.[3] It is then referenced that he had a very tough personality and physical structure, as "the Marines like[d] the sound of something that could put Lister off his feet."

He survived until the ODSTs took over the Truth and Reconciliation. He, along with all other UNSC personnel on board, died when McKay, at the urging of the partially infected Private Jenkins, severed the fiber optic cable linking the controls to the engines of the vessel, destroying the ship.[4]


  • He may be named after the similarly named character from the comedic sci-fi series Red Dwarf.

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