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Loadouts are customizable classes that a player can choose at the beginning of a match and before respawn in Halo 4's War Games and Spartan Ops modes. Each loadout consists of a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, a grenade type, an Armor Ability, a Tactical Package, and a Support Upgrade.

There are two types of loadouts: gametype loadouts and custom loadouts. Gametype loadouts are determined by the gametype and are not customizable by the players in the match. Custom loadouts are customized by the player via the Start menu both in the main menu and during a match.

Unlock ProgressionEdit

At SR-1, only one custom loadout slot and the Assault Rifle, Magnum, and Frag Grenade options are available. As a player advances his Spartan Rank, new loadout options and up to four additional loadout slots become available. Once available, some loadout options are unlocked automatically, but others must be unlocked by purchasing them with Spartan Points (SP), which are accrued as the player levels up through SR-50. By SR-50, the player will have accrued 52 Spartan Points, enough to purchase all loadout options that require them. The player must advance to SR-130 to unlock all loadout options.

Options without a cost are unlocked automatically once the requirement is met.

Note that Title Update v1.05 content does not work in Spartan Ops.[1]

Option Requirement Cost
Custom Loadouts Custom Loadout 1 Reach SR-1
Custom Loadout 2 Reach SR-6
Custom Loadout 3 Reach SR-14
Custom Loadout 4 Reach SR-21
Custom Loadout 5 Reach SR-41
Primary Weapons Assault Rifle Reach SR-1
Battle Rifle Reach SR-2 1 SP
DMR Reach SR-2 1 SP
Covenant Carbine Reach SR-5 2 SP
Storm Rifle Reach SR-5 2 SP
Light Rifle Reach SR-22 2 SP
Suppressor Reach SR-22 2 SP
Secondary Weapons Magnum Reach SR-1
Plasma Pistol Reach SR-8 2 SP
Boltshot Reach SR-18 2 SP
Grenades Frag grenade Reach SR-1
Plasma grenade Reach SR-8 2 SP
Pulse grenade Reach SR-18 2 SP
Armor Abilities Promethean Vision Reach SR-1 2 SP
Thruster Pack Reach SR-1 2 SP
Jetpack Reach SR-6 3 SP
Hologram Reach SR-6 3 SP
Hardlight Shield Reach SR-10 3 SP
Active Camouflage Reach SR-10 3 SP
Autosentry Reach SR-16 3 SP
Regeneration Field Reach SR-16 3 SP
Tactical Packages Shielding Reach SR-7 1 SP
Mobility Reach SR-7 1 SP
Resupply Reach SR-14 1 SP
AA Efficiency Reach SR-14 1 SP
Firepower Reach SR-24 1 SP
Grenadier Reach SR-24 1 SP
Fast-Track Complete the Pioneer Specialization
Requisition Complete the Tracker Specialization
Wheelman Complete the Operator Specialization
Resistor Install Title Update 1.05
Support Upgrades Ammo Reach SR-12 1 SP
Dexterity Reach SR-12 1 SP
Awareness Reach SR-20 1 SP
Sensor Reach SR-20 1 SP
Explosives Reach SR-26 1 SP
Ordnance Priority Reach SR-26 1 SP
Drop Recon Complete the Engineer Specialization
Gunner Complete the Pathfinder Specialization
Nemesis Complete the Stalker Specialization
Stability Complete the Rogue Specialization
Stealth Complete the Wetwork Specialization
Recharge Install Title Update 1.05
Survivor Install Title Update 1.05


  • Unlike in Halo: Reach, even the loadout names are customizable.
  • Halo 4 is the first game in the Halo series to have personal custom loadouts.
  • When the Resistor Tactical Package was released, it was originally only available to owners of the Champions Bundle. It was made available to everyone on December 9, 2013.[2]


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