Easteregg vayacondios

"Go with God"

In Halo: Reach, there are several location Easter eggs. This occurs when the player goes to a location on a certain map, and his or her HUD will give the location a unique and often humorous name.


  • When you enter the Ravine in Powerhouse, your HUD will show "Vaya Con Dios!" (Meaning "Go with God" in Spanish).
  • If you manage to glitch your way into outer space in Condemned, your location will be "Space." However, if you go on top of the map, whatever location is under you inside the map will be displayed, despite still being in space.
  • On Boardwalk, on the left side of the map there is a triangular platform where your HUD will say "Make Out Point."
  • On Spire, there is a Tyrant Anti-Air gun without a cannon. If you enter the gun or the area around it, the HUD will say "BFG," which stands for "Big Fucking Gun." It's a reference to a weapon in Id's Software game, DOOM.

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