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As a prerequisite of the Conservation Measure, research platforms were restricted to the remote fringes for safety.
— In-game description[1]

Lockdown is a remake of the Halo 2 map Lockout included in the Halo 2: Anniversary portion of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[2]

Changes from Lockout[]

  • Some cover has been added to the elbow walkway.[2]
  • To help break strong setups, there are three breakable stalactites on the map: one above the Battle Rifle tower, one above top-center, and one above the ramp behind the Sniper Rifle tower. When shot, these stalactites will fall and cause damage to or kill any players below them.[3]
  • The glass in the center of the map has been replaced by an energy shield that can be broken, but respawns after an amount of time. It can take a lot of damage, but the center stalactite can instantly break it.[3]
  • All of the containers in the Shotgun tunnel are sealed and contain Flood specimens.[4]


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