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“That thing's crushing us and we're waiting for backup? They'll be backing up a graveyard.”

Long Night of Solace was a Covenant CSO-class supercarrier that led the Fleet of Valiant Prudence to assault the planet Reach before the Fall of Reach.[3] It was destroyed by a UNSC team during Operation: UPPER CUT.[4]

Operational history[]

Sometime before August 12, 2552, Long Night of Solace entered Reach orbit and was cloaked by a network of Spires. The supercarrier was then able to covertly land troops on the surface of the planet, starting the advance invasion of Reach. It seemed to act as the flagship for the advance force, made up of the supercarrier and at least six SDV-class heavy corvettes.

On August 12, Spire One was destroyed, revealing the location of the supercarrier to the UNSC. After having its stealth compromised, Long Night of Solace proceeded to destroy UNSC Grafton and lay waste to several other UNSC deployments. It then retreated to Covenant-held space in orbit above the planet.[2]

During Operation: UPPER CUT; an operation designed to destroy the ship, UNSC EVA teams transported a Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine onto a SDV-class heavy corvette called Ardent Prayer that was on a refueling run with the supercarrier. Jorge-052 then sacrificed himself to activate the slipspace manually, believing he had saved Reach from Covenant invasion. The unrestricted slipspace rift teleported the middle half of the hull into atomized bits, destroying Long Night of Solace. The remains of Long Night of Solace then crashed on a mountain range on the surface of Reach just as reinforcements from the Fleet of Particular Justice exited slipspace over the planet.[5]




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