The frigid climate and unique gravitational conditions of Concord’s northern polar region provide an optimal perch for Longbow Station’s channel-based mass drivers. Before the Covenant War, the UEG launched deep space monitoring relays from here in an effort to study far-flung star systems.

Longbow, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 951-3,[5] is a multiplayer map for Halo 4. The map is set on Concord's northern polar region.[6]

This map is intended for vehicular and Big Team Battle gameplay, the former being encouraged by the various paths going around the map.[7]


These vehicles are on both sides of the map for both teams


The platform on the east of the map is where most of the multiplayer action takes place. The two walkways leading up to it are ideal for an ambush. Try to find more creative ways to enter the platform.





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