HW2 Campaign LotusMine

A Lotus mine in Halo Wars 2's campaign.

The Lotus anti-tank mine (or Lotus for short) is a type of UNSC area-denial ordnance that can be described as "flowerlike."[1] It is a disk a quarter meter across with spikes along the rim to stabilize it when buried.[2]

The shaped charge[3] may be triggered in a number of ways. A proximity sensor[4] makes the Lotus effective against lower hovering vehicles such as those used by the Covenant. The sensor may also be enabled remotely[3] and its sensitivity altered for use against infantry.[3][4][5] The Lotus anti-tank mine also has a countdown mode.[2] The charge itself is powerful enough to penetrate the armor of a Scorpion Tank.[1]

The Lotus should not be confused with the TR/9 Antipersonnel Mine or the Type 14 Magnetic/Anti-Tank Mine.



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