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“Captain? Sarge? Can you hear me? We’ve got contact! Lots of them! But they’re not Covenant! They’re just tearing through us! What the...?!!!!!”
— Corporal Lovik’s distress call to SSgt Johnson

Corporal Lovik was a Marine Corporal aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552. When the cruiser arrived at Threshold and crashed onto Installation 04, Lovik abandoned the ship and landed on Halo. He then joined the rest of the survivors at the UNSC makeshift Alpha Base.

Despite only being a corporal, Lovik lead the second squad to a recon mission on a believed Covenant weapons cache while Captain Keyes and Staff Sergeant Johnson led the first squad.[1]

Unknown to the group, they were actually heading to Installation 04's Flood containment facility, where the Covenant had already accidentally released the Flood. He was among the first group of Humans attacked by the Flood, and desperately raised Sergeant Johnson and Captain Jacob Keyes over radio, though incoherently.[2]

During the confusion of the Flood attack, many of Lovik's Marines were separated from the squad and killed. However Lovik and 9 of his men managed to get away from the Flood and made it back to the surface, where they took refuge in the structure's entrance.

John-117 arrived at their position during his attempt to escape to facility. After reaching Pelican Echo 419's pilot Carol Rawley over the radio, John-117 agreed to rendezvous with her at a tower a few hundred meters away. Lovik and the surviving members of his squad tried to follow the Spartan, but the Flood had already escaped into the swamp they were traversing and attacked. The remaining members of the second squad were soon compromised with casualties, but Lovik and a few of his men managed to survive. John-117 was teleported away from the firefight by 343 Guilty Spark, leaving Foehammer behind to retrieve Lovik and his men.[3]

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