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“You overestimate them. They cannot touch this ship.”
— Luro 'Taralumee preventing Thel 'Lodamee from facing John-117.

Luro 'Taralumee was a Sangheili Supreme Commander of the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence in the Covenant Empire during the Human-Covenant war. He sent regular status reports to the Vice Cleric of Zeal.[2][3]


The Package[]

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After the Battle of Miridem in 2544, 'Taralumee's fleet captured Dr. Catherine Halsey while she was cryogenically frozen, and she was placed inside his flagship Resplendent Fervor; however, magnetic interference placed in the system prevented them from jumping to Slipspace. He realized the UNSC would come after her and created decoy beacons from antimatter charges aboard his ships. When a team of SPARTANs attacked, he set his trap, detonating one of the charges and killing Solomon-069. When the rest of the Spartans realized where Halsey was, they headed toward 'Taralumee's assault carrier. The Supreme Commander remained confident that the SPARTANs would not make it aboard his ship, arguing with a Sangheili Major, Thel 'Lodamee, who had fought them before and felt that they posed a greater threat than 'Taralumee realized. 'Taralumee held the Major in contempt for not dying with the rest of his battalion in the engagement, saying 'Lodamee "...lack[ed] the heart to die with honor."

After the SPARTANs boarded the ship and started advancing toward Halsey, 'Taralumee ordered that section of the ship to be detached. However, John-117 nonetheless continued toward Halsey and retrieved her from her cryo-chamber. Soon, his fleet cleared the magnetic interference and began the jump to Slipspace, breaking off the entire lower section of the assault carrier before he left, in an attempt to kill the two humans. When one of his bridge officers pointed out to him that this action abandoned 'Lodamee and his group as well, the Supreme Commander shrugged it off, remarking that, "It doesn't matter. He is already shamed. His only path now is death... or Arbiter...." In a twist of fate, this actually saved John-117 and Dr. Halsey, as 'Lodamee had defeated the SPARTAN in an energy sword duel and was about to kill the two humans. By detaching this section of the ship and pulling 'Lodamee out of the fight, 'Taralumee unintentionally allowed the humans to escape. As the ship's gravity lift pulled him away from his prey, 'Lodamee furiously screamed, "Commander! You fool! A thousand hells await you!" It is likely that the Supreme Commander was punished for this failure.



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