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Luther Mann is a human archaeologist and an expert in Forerunner language and culture. He was contracted by the Office of Naval Intelligence to investigate various Forerunner structures on Installation 07.[1]


When Luther was a child he was forced to flee his homeworld with his mother and father, when peering out the view port of the shuttle which was leaving their planet Verent he remarked how pretty the covenant glassing of the planet was, an action which would incur the wrath of his very distraught mother causing them to have a stale relationship for some time.

After leaving Verent, his family settled on earth in London with Luther going to a nearby school. When Luther joined the school he was often found having arguments with other children about how the war will end, with Luther always saying that it will come to an end with a peace treaty, much to the disliking of his classmates, who often called him a "alien lover." This led to him being removed from school by his mother who decided to home school him. Weeks later however Luther had came across his mother who had committed suicide with her suicide note reading "I can't pretend anymore."[1]

Luther now sporadically resides in an apartment in Seattle, Washington, United Republic of North America. Only residing in his apartment eight weeks each given year.[1]


In 2555, on the Shield world Trevelyan, after translating the information stored within its vast information pathways, Mann discovered the location of Installation 07. He was then contracted by ONI to investigate the various structures on the Halo ring with the help of Henry Lamb, including what he believes to be an environment and atmosphere control room where he found a timer counting down from approximately 3 million.[1]