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Lysithea is an Office of Naval Intelligence Section 3 Artificial intelligence construct. She was located in the HIGHCOM's headquarters, HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney, Australia. She was programmed as a security precaution, questioning people who wanted to enter the facility's more classified areas. ONI programmed her to test for the tone and condition of responses to her queries, previous responses, as well as their adherence to Article 428-A. Despite her serious position, she was somewhat playful with the people in the facility. She also attempts to have people tell her classified information, though this is to scan voice and response patterns.[3]

She questioned Lieutenant Wagner before he entered a briefing with several top officials in the UNSC.[4]


  • In Greek mythology, Lysithea was a daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus' lovers. Alternately, Lysithea is another name for Semele, daughter of Cadmos and Harmonia, sister to Agave, Autonoë, Ino and Polydorus, mother of Dionysos by Zeus (and who became Thyone after being rescued from Hades by her divine son). Yet another Lysithea is listed by Clement of Alexandria in his catalogue of Jupiter's adulteries as the daughter of Evenus and mother of Helenus (Recognitions, Book 10, Chapter XXI).[5]



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