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Haloreach - Reentry Unit

The reentry pack on SPARTAN-B312's back.

The M-Spec Reentry Pack, also known as the Reentry Unit, is a piece of UNSC equipment. It was used by SPARTAN-B312 to safely drop from orbit onto the surface of Reach after Operation: UPPERCUT.[1]

According to the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition developer commentary, the Reentry Pack is integrated into the YSS1000, hooking onto the pilot's back as soon as they enter.[2] However, during the launch Cutscene, there is no Reentry Pack visible on the cockpit seat, or anywhere within automatic clamping distance of the pilot.

This is very different from the pack that is used by the Spartan-II's. This one is also smaller, but never seen in action. The theory is that it creates a large external Energy Shield to protect on re-entry; much like the shield generator on Jorge-052's armor.


  • The beginning cutscene of Exodus shows that it is possible to holster a sidearm inside the reentry pack.
  • The pack also houses a video camera. [citation needed]
  • It is possible that a small parachute is in the pack, as with modern ejector seats that have the parachute in the headrest, which is much smaller.



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