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“I'm your man, Chief! Let's roll!”
— An enthusiastic PFC Fitzgerald awaits departure behind the gun of a Warthog

M. Fitzgerald was a UNSC Marine assigned to the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.


When the crashed vessel arrived at Installation 04 in 2552, Fitzgerald apparently evacuated from the ship on Echo 419. When E419 responded to a distress signal from Fireteam Charlie, Fitzgerald accompanied John-117 in a Warthog to search for the other Bumblebee lifepods. Fitzgerald introduced himself to John enthusiastically.[1]

While in their search for surviving Marines and Navy personnel, he was wounded in the arm by a shot from a Needler. After that, John-117 ordered him to man his position and keep fire until he returned.[2] He took cover behind the Warthog and waited until John was able to treat his wound with biofoam. He continued to man the LAAG and survived the fight to return to Alpha Base with John. He was possibly killed in the Battle of Installation 04, probably either when First Lieutenant Melissa McKay destroyed the Truth and Reconciliation to keep the Flood from getting out into the universe or when Installation 04 was destroyed.


  • "Sure, Cortana. All right (ladies), volunteers step up on the double! The rest of you, get to the dropship." - When Cortana asked for a few men to support John, level Halo. This can also be said by Sergeant Johnson if he wasn't killed.
  • "This lifeboat is trashed, Chief. There are weapons and supplies, but...no bodies. I wonder if someone made it out of here alive." - By the fourth Bumblebee.
  • "The lifeboat's totaled, sir. There are weapons and supplies everywhere, but I can't find any bodies. Maybe somebody made out of here alive." - By the fourth Bumblebee.


  • Fitzgerald was the only Marine known to have ridden on a Warthog when attached to a Pelican.
  • It is unknown what happened to Fitzgerald and whether or not he survived his wounds.