M/AAV-20 was a UNSC Army infantry unit.[1]


Subordinate units of M/AAV-20 were stationed at Sword Base during the Battle of Sword Base. 3 Echo 57, on patrol at the time, was attacked and killed before they could reach base. M/AAV-20 also provided vehicles for Noble Team to use.[2] Elements of the unit as well participated in the Assault on Szurdok Ridge. They again provided vehicles for Noble Team.[3] M/AAV-20 were also some of the retreating forces during the Battle of Aszod, leaving behind a pair of M274s.[4]


M/AAV-20 utilized a plethora of vehicles, including the M12R Light Anti-Aircraft Vehicle,[1] the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle,[5] the M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle,[6] the M831 Troop Transport,[7] the M274 Ultra-Light All-Terrain Vehicle,[8] and the YSS-1000 Prototype Anti-Ship Spaceplane.[9]

Subordinate UnitsEdit



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