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The M20/Personal Defense Weapon[1] is a UNSC weapon being tested as a possible replacement for the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun[1] and is currently issued to Spartan-IV soldiers.

Design Details Edit

Visually, the M20 appears similar to the M7, including the placement of the foregrip and the shape of the stock. Also similar to the M7 is the ammunition capacity per magazine (60 rounds).

However, several additions and changes have been made. Overall, the gun has a grey-like appearance (in contrast to the M7's 'black' coloration). The design appears to be adapted for ambidextrous use: the magazine well has been moved from the left side to the top and charging handle can be used on either side. Also, a reflex sight has been added in the place of the M7's iron sights (barring other weapon skins).

As an upgrade to the previous M7 model, the M20 uses high velocity armor piercing rounds to counter the increased usage of heavier body armor among Insurrectionists.[1]


Changes from M7 SMGEdit

  • Scope is now a reflex sight.
  • Headshot damage bonus to unshielded enemies.
  • Increased general damage (kills Spartans in 13-15 rounds depending on headshot bonus).
  • Maximum ammo capacity increased from 180 to 360.






  1. The M20 SMG doesn't use caseless ammunition that it's predecessor, the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun, fires. This is noticeable when the player fires and it ejects spent shells from the weapon. "Caseless" weapon, as caseless signifies, would have no spent shells to eject.


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