The M250 Series-2 is a piece of equipment used by personnel on the UNSC Argent Moon.[1] It entered service at some point before March 17, 2557.[2][Note 1]


  • M250s were liable to tip over, so multiple signs were placed around the Argent Moon to remind personnel to properly counterweight the equipment when in use.[1]
  • The M250 Series-2 is also the name of a real crane produced by The Manitowoc Company.[3]
    • A warning sign for this crane was used as the texture for the signs around Argent Moon.




  1. On March 17, 2557, the Argent Moon went missing, following an outbreak of asteroidea merozoite. It remained undiscovered until late 2558, when Kig-Yar scavengers discovered it. The M250 Series-2 warning signs were present on the walls when Blue Team arrived to deny the Covenant Argent Moon's salvage, indicating the equipment was in use before the station went missing.


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