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The UNSC Automated Turret

The M3063 Automated Heavy Machine Gun was a form of defense system employed by the UNSC in order to protect locations of importance such as the Ivanoff Research Station and UNSC Firebases on Requiem.[1]


This weapon is used by the UNSC to protect certain locations or to simply provide support fire to ground troops. An effective use of these weapons is to place several in one area so that their overlapping fire can cover a large area. They possess both a high power machine gun as well as a device that can project an EMP that can take down the shields of a target.

The weapon is also used in Dominion War Games matches to defend bases.


The turret is very mobile with one requiring only a few people to carry. Once activated, they deploy from their boxy idle position very quickly and can immediately acquire targets and open fire on its own. Though they cannot move from the position that they are placed in on their own, they do have a 180 degree rate of rotation that gives them a substantial firing arc. It fires 12.7 x 99mm rounds.[citation needed]