Give me a target and I'll make it disappear.
— Kodiak driver

The M400 Artillery System[1], colloquially called the Kodiak, is a heavily-armored, eight-wheeled artillery vehicle used by the UNSC. Its main weapon is a large, long-range cannon.[2]

Class HistoryEdit

Installation 00Edit

Main article: Battle of Installation 00 (2559)

When the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived at Installation 00, they were used to fight off The Banished several times. Three were used to help forces destroy Decimus' salvage operation.[3] Several more helped to clear the Gravity lift to the Enduring Conviction for Jerome-092.[4] More would also appear on Installation 09 helping UNSC forces get to the Control Room[5] and then defend it.[6]

Known M400 KodiaksEdit

The following is a list of known M400s.


Halo Wars 2Edit

The Kodiak has the ability to go into lockdown similar to a Rhino, Cobra, and the Elephant. The Kodiak can only fire its main gun while in lockdown, but it is very effective against infantry units.[2]


Image Name Energy Cost Rarity Leader Restriction
N/A Kodiak 100 Common None
HW2 Artwork VanguardKodiak Vanguard 110 Common Sergeant Forge
HW2 Blitz-Artwork StealthKodiak Stealth Kodiak 120 Rare Captain Cutter



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