The M40 Pistol is a sidearm which entered service in 2356, but remained in active use as of 2556.[1] While it was abandoned within the UNSC in favour of the M6 Series, the Sedran Colonial Guard was known to use it in the post-war era.[1]

Visually, it appears almost identical to the M6H PDWS, but with a glossy black finish. It is unknown what type of ammunition it uses, but it is unlikely to be chambered for the M225 round, as that was developed for the M6 series which was first designed and produced in 2412.



  1. This year was derived from the line "Standard issue 200 years ago," spoken by Michael Horrigan. Although it could be a joke, exaggeration or downright fabrication, it is the only source available that gives any idea of when this weapon was in service with the UNSC, and so it is assumed to be accurate.


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