The M650 Mastodon is an armored personnel carrier that was in service with the UNSC Army.[1]

Class HistoryEdit

M650s were at one point widely used by UNSC Army forces, but their sheer size made it very difficult to deploy compared to the Warthog personnel carriers.[1]

With limited troops available on the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Commander Jerome wanted to restart production of the Mastadon during the Spirits battle on the Ark. That way casualties could be minimized.[1]


The M650 features a remotely operated M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. As well, slots on the sides of the vehicle allow for passengers to fire out.[2]


Halo Wars 2Edit


The Mastodon is a unique unit for the Leader Commander Jerome.

  • Resources: 300
  • Minimum Tech Level: 1
  • Population Count: 4
  • Power: 75


  • Keeping to the naming tradition, a Mastodon was a large elephant like creature.


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