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The M71 Anti-Aircraft Gun, also known as the Scythe, is a UNSC weapons emplacement used to defend installations from air attack. It is produced by Misriah Armories located on Reach.[3]


The Scythe uses a six-barreled, pneumatically-driven, air-cooled rotary cannon which fires 20x102mm HEIAP rounds at a rate of up to 6,000 per minute.[3] It is normally fed by a 100,000-round drum,[3] though in some cases only a 1,000-round drum is attached, while secondary weapons include a M41(SSR MAV/AW).[1]

Scythes are typically networked as part of an automated tracking system or AI.[3] It can also be manned by an operator using the control panel on the base of the emplacement.[1]

Multiple such turrets were placed around ONI Sword Base on Reach. One such turret was located at Airview Base. On July 26, 2552, Kat-B320 and SPARTAN-B312 were ordered to Airview Base to reactivate the turret.[1] These turrets were also seen defending the Sabre Program Launch/Research Range from Seraphs and Spirits, capable of taking them out effectively.

In March 2553, it was discovered that the insurrectionist-controlled colony Venezia had procured a pair Scythes to protect the planet's capital, New Tyne.[4]



  • When hit by any physical object (like Phantom debris), the rotating turret will be knocked off from the rest of the weapon and rarely continues to fire at enemy aircraft. When detached, it rolls around and can be pushed with any vehicle, even the Forklift.
  • The gun can sometimes be heard firing when it is not.
  • Through glitches and exploits, the gun on top of the Sabre launch facility can be reached and when close enough, a prompt to use the gun will appear, however the gun remains unusable to the player.
  • The Scythe's optics package is labeled "SPNKr M41 SSR."



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